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Do you want a summer job where you can challenge yourself and experience and learn new things? This year, we are recruiting close to 40 summer trainees to work in different areas in interesting jobs.

As a trainee, you will have the opportunity to work on unique tasks and develop your skills for your future career. Your colleagues will be nice, enthusiastic and curious, solid experts in their field, who will be happy to share their knowledge with you.

We are particularly looking for students with some experience and the ability to put what they have learned in their studies into practice. If you are a motivated and enthusiastic team player who wants to learn new things, don't hesitate to apply!

See the detailed job descriptions below and send us your application! The following trainee positions are open in HPC - Supercomputing related job functions and are located in Espoo.

Welcome to join us!

Trainee in HPC Programming Support

This trainee position is in the HPC programming support team responsible for helping CSC's customers in utilizing our HPC platforms as efficiently as possible. In practice this means application performance analysis and optimization, parallelization, GPU porting etc. We are looking for an undergraduate student to join our Student Cluster Competition (SCC) team and work in team training and preparation related tasks, like:

  • working in CSC's HPC environment
  • basics of parallel and GPU programming
  • cluster management
  • SCC team support and training during the summer.

For more information about the SCC and what is expected, please see:

Key words: HPC skills, Linux, Fortran, C/C++, Python, GPU programming, system admin

Quantum Computing Trainee

Join us in enabling quantum computing for the end user! Example tasks include studying and/or developing example quantum algorithms for show-case and training purposes, or more classical software stacks for connecting high-performance computing systems with quantum computers. You would work with state-of-the-art technology, including LUMI, the most powerful supercomputer in Europe and quantum computers connected to LUMI, like Helmi, the first Finnish quantum computer.

Programming experience in, for example, a Jupyter notebook environment or Qiskit/Cirq/QASM is an asset but not necessary. Interest in quantum computing and future technologies is a prerequisite. If you are eager to learn, keen to share your enthusiasm, and keep up with the latest in emerging computing technology, this job suits you! The job description is finalised according to the skills, knowledge, and interests of the successful applicant. Finnish language skills are not required.

Key words: quantum computing, algorithm development

Trainee for Open Source Computing Software Development

Elmer is a multiphysical simulation software based on the element method and developed mainly at CSC. Elmer has numerous application areas and thousands of users around the world. At the moment, we are e.g. involved in two center of excellence, one of which focuses on the optimisation of electric motors and the other on threats related to the melting of glaciers. In order to effectively solve the problems, parallel computing and the development of numerical methods are often required.

We are looking for a summer trainee who is enthusiastic about scientific computing and who is not afraid of software development in the Linux environment. Depending on the applicant's background, the tasks can be adjusted to be area-specific or more general. Most likely, the work will consist of solving various computing tasks, code profiling and scalability tests. A suitable educational background could be in mathematics, physics, computer science or engineering.

Keywords: Elmer, FEM (finite element method), linear algebra, CFD, CSM, CEM, C, C++, Fortran, mesh generation, Gmsh, Paraview, git, cmake, MPI, threading, OpenMP

Trainee in Science Support

Team helps researchers use and be aware of the computing capacity possibilities. The trainee would participate in this by making our supercomputer LUMI easier to use for research by improving documentation, creating tutorials, trying out new GPU enabled applications, organizing trainings and providing direct user support - perhaps also in your own field of science.

You will learn how one of the world's fastest supercomputer works, how it can be used in research and how to optimize workloads to improve efficiency and save energy.

We wish you have some previous usage experience on HPC platform(s) and some experience on (some of) the following technologies: Linux, bash, containers / Apptainer, Slurm, Python. You like teamwork and have good written and oral English skills.

Key words: HPC – Supercomputing, Linux, Python, Bash, Containers, Apptainer, Slurm, Git, material development

Trainee in Geoinformatics

Team develops infrastructure for geoinformatics in High Performance Computing environments, and supports researchers in the field. We are looking for a GIS trainee for development of spatial data analysis workflows in HPC environments. Work requires good Python programming skills and geoinformatics background. Experience with Dask, Linux or HPC environment is considered an advantage.

We are looking for freshly graduates or someone in the last year of their studies in geoinformatics. The work starts as soon as possible, it can be also part-time and integrated into Masters' Thesis. The work is fixed term until the end of 2023.

Keywords: HPC – Supercomputing, Python, Linux, Dask,

Software Developer Trainee for Open Source Data Analysis Platform

Chipster team develops a user-friendly open source analysis software for bioinformatics. We are looking for a software developer trainee whose main duties and responsibilities include to participate in architecture work of running Chipster in the LUMI supercomputer, and software development of Chipster backend (Java, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes) according to new user needs.

We are looking for enthusiastic persons with BSc or MSc in computer science, software engineering or equivalent work experience. We appreciate expertise in server-side software development and Linux server administration. Additionally, interest in cloud technologies (Object storage, Kubernetes, OpenStack), HPC systems and frontend development (Angular, TypeScript) are considered as advantages.

The exact tasks can be tailored based on the skills and experience of the candidates. We are looking for freshly graduates or someone in the last year of their studies. The work starts as soon as possible and is fixed term until the end of 2023, with possibility for extension.

Keywords: HPC – Supercomputing, Linux, Java, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, OpenStack, Angular, TypeScript

Software Developer Trainees for Supercomputer and Cloud Environment

We are hiring up to two summer trainees for a team that helps users to make the most of our supercomputer and cloud environment and develops the tools and capabilities of those. If you are passionate about Linux and programming, and are interested in learning more about supercomputers you may be the person we are searching for. Perhaps you have even dabbled in DevOps and have set up your servers and services in a cloud environment? Most of our users are scientists, and if you have an interest in science and scientific computing then that will also help you to understand the needs and thinking of the users.

Key words: Linux, HPC, Supercomputers, Scientific computing, Cloud environment, DevOps

Työpaikan vaatimukset

Our summer trainees usually work from May to August, but other dates are also possible. The duration is usually 3-4 months. Please send your application no later than 13.02.2023.

We may interview possible candidates already during the application period and selection will be done right after we have found suitable persons for these summer trainee positions.

Please note that depending on the position, selected candidates may be subject to a basic security clearance, the successful completion of which will be a prerequisite for the post.

We will contact all candidates about the status of the recruitment process by 5.03.2023 at the latest.

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Our accomplished staff form the grounds of our success. We offer you interesting work in a supportive atmosphere with the opportunity to develop your own expertise in an international company with long traditions. At CSC, your colleagues are friendly, enthusiastic and curious top-notch experts in their field.

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